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  • Sami Andoura

    Team Leader

    Political Strategy Centre

    European Commission

  • Xavier Daval

    Chair of Solar Commission

    Syndicat des Énergies

    Renouvelables, France

  • Jean-Marc Leroy

    Senior Executive Vice

    President External Relations

    ENGIE  France

  • Pierre Mallet

    R,D&I Director

    Enedis, France

  • David Safar

    Member of the Board

    E.ON Distribuce (Czech)

  • Daan Terpstra

    Team Lead Batteries

    Vattenfal Sweden

  • Eduardo González Solá

    Head of Global Origination

    ACCIONA, Spain

  • Marco Gazzino

    Head of Innovation &

    Product Lab

    Enel X

  • Luigi Lanuzza

    Head of New Technologies

    Enel X, Italy

  • Christopher Sutter

    Head of Renewable Energy

    AXPO, Switzerland

  • Eric Delteile

    Headof DG Europe

    Total Solar, France

  • Stephane Tetot

    Director, Infrastructure

    BlackRock, UK

  • Pierre-Jerome Desmarquest

    Head of O&M and Asset Management

    Voltalia, France

  • Ignacio Asensio

    Head of Business Development, EMEA

    Cubico Sustainable Investments, UK

  • Massimiliano Pili

    Head of Engineering

    and Construction

    Encavis AG, Germany

  • Dr. Benedikt Ortmann

    Managing Director

    BayWa Solar Projects, Germany

  • Edgar Arvizu

    VP, Head of Development

    and Power Marketing

    Sonnedix  Germany

  • Yago Acón


    Nara Solar, Spain

  • Corine Dubruel

    Executive Advisor

    ERGOSUP, France

  • Michele Appendino


    Solar Ventures, Italy

  • Tara Reale

    Senior Business Development Manager

    Lightsource BP, UK

  • Pablo Otin

    CEO & Co-founder

    Powertis, Spain

  • Ulrich Schoppmeyer

    Director of Power & Renewables

    KFW, Germany

  • Matt Allen


    Pivot Power

  • Marco Schweer


    Sumitomo Mitsui Bankin Corporation,


  • Luca Matrone

    Global Head of Energy

    Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy

  • Mateusz Wronski

    Head of Product Development

    Aurora Energy Research, UK

  • Michael Salomon

    CEO and Founder

    Clean Horizon Consulting, France

  • Gian Paul Handal

    Manager, Energy Storage

    Acciona North America

  • Pierre-Antoine Machelon

    Head of Renewables Investment


    Eiffel Investment Group, France

  • Semih Oztreves

    Director of Business Development

    Zenobe Energy

  • Alex O'Cinneide


    Gore Street Capital, Ireland

  • Stéphane Dubos

    Executive Director, Power & Renewables

    Infrastructure Industry Natixis


  • Gauthier Dupont

    Director, Power Business Batteries

    NGK EUROPE, Germany

  • Matt Black

    Investment Director

    Armstrong Capital Management, UK

  • Dario Traum

    Head of Policy - Europe

    Middle East & Africa

    BloombergNEF, UK

  • Pritil Gunjan

    Senior Research Analyst, Energy

    Navigant Research, UK

  • Oliver Ciancio

    Origination Specialist

    DXT Commodities, Switzerland

  • Felipe Hernandez Fernandez

    Managing Director

    FRV-X, Spain

  • Richard Walsh

    Managing Partner

    Madison Energy Investments, US

  • Stefano Salerno

    Head Of Commercial Asset Management

    Quercus Investment Partners

  • Jeanne Michon-Savarit

    Head of Energy and Environmental


    Groupe ADP, France

  • Paul van Lieshout

    Technical Director

    Wind and Renewables

    Advisian, UK

  • Francisco Varela

    Head of Energy Storage &

    Offshore Wind

    RES, France

  • Jacques Arbeille


    ENEA Consulting, France

  • Jan van Noordenne

    Sustainability & Building

    Innovation Manager

    Merin, Netherlands

  • TBD

    SUSI Partners, Switzerlands

  • LONGi


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Inquire about a Speaking Role at ESES2020


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