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Laying Ground for Solar Storage Future in Europe

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June 23 - Conference Day 1

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June 24 - Conference Day 2

08:50-08:55 Welcome Address by The Organizing Committe

                   Leader Associates

         08:00  Registration

08:55-09:10 Host Country Welcome: Great RE Transition: French Ambitions in 2020 and Beyond

                   Syndicat des Énergies Renouvelables (Inviting)

Political Realization of RED 2030 - Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term

09:10-09:30 [Keynote]:

Understand the EU-binding target to deliver on 2023, 2030 and 2040, as well as learn the Union’s support for integrating renewable energy and distributed energy resources

European Commission, Belgium (Confirmed)

 Evolving Role of Energy Company: Dealing with a New World with Ambition

09:30-10:20 [Panel]:

From centralized generation to a de-regulated, distributed, and digitalized power system, progressive TNOs and DNOs are changining their thinking about the relationship with the commercial, industrial and institutional customers. As the phase-out of baseload coal-fired power plant is close to the edge, how will energy companies look like and act in the future?

Confirmed Panel Members Include:

Moderator: Aurora Energy Research, UK Panelist: ENGIE, France / Vattenfall, Netherlands

Competitive Auction - Winning Bids, Prices, Future Formats, and Viability

10:50-11:40 [Panel]:

Since 2017, government-backed tenders have become a marjor driver propelling the European renewable growth. The panel will take a close watch toward the latest bidding results with respect to pricings, location, and commercial viability. Meanwhile, four new auction hotspots in 2020 will be anlayzed in terms of tender process, investment stability and novel offerings such auction for storage.

Highlighted Markets: Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Ukraine

Corporate Buyers’ Talk: Synergies between Social Responsibility and Energy Access

11:40-12:30 [Panel]:

Along with the renewable revolution, big corporates like Google,Amazon, IKEA, also initiate their sustainable practices, setting examples for a carbon neutral footprint. By the end of 2019, a totalling of 8GW renewable capacityT are procured by coporate consumers. The session is designed to applaud the procurement efforts conducted by responsible enterprises, in the mean time, sourcing approach and revenue model of theris will be examined and discussed.

12:30 Luncheon & Networking

Era of Grid Parity - Opportunities with Unsubsidized Solar

14:00-14:50 [Panel]:

As prices for solar PV arrays continue to fall while their efficiency increases, the need for state subsidies is diminishing and, in some markets, already completely gone. How would developers act on the dropping margin in both governmental auctions or private PPAs? What are the risks associated with subsidy-free deployment? What are the dynamics in high growth market? And what would the role of energy storage and smart energy management stand in between the transition?

Highlighted Markets: Spain, Italy, UK

Confirmed Panel Members Include:

Moderator: Powertis, Spain-Brazil; Panelist: Solar Ventures, Italy / Nara Solar, Spain / Encavis, Germany

Public and Private Energy Managers

who Look to Procure Renewable Energy

Corporate PPA - Hedging the Merchant Risk

14:50-15:40 [Panel]:

Confirmed Panel Members Include:

Panelist: Acciona, Spain; Sonnedix, Germany; AXPO, Switzerlands; Eiffel Investment, France; Natixis, France

Lenders’ Willingness to Support C&I Structures, Merchant Projects and Other Emerging Structures?
How is the Market for Merchant Solar Opening Up - Transaction Records
What Sources of Sponsor Equity, Tax Equity and Financing are Available?

Highlighted Markets: Netherlands, Spain, UK, France

15:40 Afternoon Refreshment

                  (Open for Sponsorship)

16:10-16:40  Innvoative - Low Carbon, New Future

Renewables + Storage - Benefits, Challenges, and Technological Options

16:40-17:30 [Panel]:

Opportunities Sizing of Energy Storage Projects in the European Market
Best Modeling and Technical Solutions on Microgrid Projects and Hybrid Systems Major Challenges facing
European Solar Storage Projects - Providers’ Point of View
Digital Solar Storage - Innovative Solutions and Business Cases

Highlighted Markets: France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy

Confirmed Panel Members Include:

Moderator: Clean Horizon, France; Panelist: E.ON Distribuce, Czech / Pivot Power, UK / Acciona North America

Scaling up Standalone Storage Projects - Regulatory Outlook and Revenue Stacking

17:30-18:20 [Panel]:

Assess Regulatory & Technological Risks in Operation & Construction Constracts Available Revenue Streams for Storage Facilities EU-wide with Analysis of Return and Payback Period Identify Gaps between Storage Boom and Lagging European Development with Know-how Proposed

Confirmed Panel Members Include:

Panelist: Enel X, Italy

18:00 “Energy & Sustainability Night” - Cocktail Party

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June 23 - Conference Day 1

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June 24 - Conference Day 2


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